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Social Science GK & Current Affairs English Arithmetic Reasoning
1. Fundamentals on numbers 1. Air and water 1. Basic concepts of the Earth and the Solar System. 1. Picture identification of temples. Seven Wonders of the world. 1. Kinds of sentences    
2. Multiples and factors 2. Changes around us 2. Indian Geography - Forests, wild life, National parks, Agriculture and Transportation. 2. List of Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers. 2. Adjectives    
3. Fundamentals on symmetry 3. Machines 3. Our Freedom Fighters 3. Different Music, Folk and Classical Dance forms of India. 3. Verbs    
4. Divisibility rules 4. How do plants prepare their food   4. World - Countries -Capitals, Currrencies 4. Prepositions    
5. Fundamentals on fractions 5. Various types of animals     5. Conjunctions